Pan Majang

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Pan Majang

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 21 (1E)
Tian Xia World Guide, pg(s). 69–70 (2E)

Pan Majang is a constantly transforming city-state located in the Clicking Caverns in Sekamina, beneath the border between Xa Hoi and Nagajor, near the caldera of Mount Kumijinja. It is inhabited by clockworks haunted by the souls of their extinct, sadistic, flesh-eating builders, who often emerge from Pan Majang to raid both Nagajor and Xa Hoi. Pan Majang is ruled by a shadowy council of horrible clockwork creatures possessed by their former rulers' souls.123


The civilization that built Pan Majang is long forgotten, and its haunted remnants have are perpetually hostile to its neighbors and the surface. Pan Majang's largest invasion of the surface occurred in 2105 IC against the nations of Xa Hoi and Nagajor.4

The region has also been the target of explorers and adventurers. An explorer of the Amatatsu family exorcised evil spirits from Pan Majang and returned to the Minkaian Imperial Palace of Kasai with clockwork golems, where they remained as of 7211 IC.5

Nagaji explorer Zethivaxus Djeed attempted to explore the Clicking Caverns in 7208 IC in order to end Pan Majang's threats to the surface, but his expedition backfired when he returned as a possessed clockwork himself and led another invasion of western Xa Hoi.4


The city-state is a massive clockwork whose components and structures are constantly moving and shifting to an unknown plan, and the city itself is believed to move as its precise location is difficult to ascertain. The uncanny movement of buildings suggests that they too are possessed by ghosts.4


Little is known about Pan Majang's rulers as no living being has encountered them and returned alive. Many skilled investigators have attempted to contact or placate Pan Majang's aggressive nature but the city captures and converts most of them into clockworks.4


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