Pan Majang

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Pan Majang
Plane Material Plane
World Golarion
Nation Darklands
Region Sekamina
Size Metropolis
Population 37,900
Demographics Haunted clockworks
Government Magical

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 21

Pan Majang is a constantly transforming metropolis located in the Clicking Caverns in Sekamina, beneath the border between Xa Hoi and Nagajor, near the caldera of Mount Kumijinja. It is inhabited by clockworks haunted by the souls of their extinct, sadistic, flesh-eating builders, who often emerge from Pan Majang to raid both Nagajor and Xa Hoi. Pan Majang is ruled by a shadowy council of horrible half-undead, half-clockwork creatures.[1][2]


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