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Arabrecht is a mysterious crater located in the southernmost tip of Kyonin's Fierani Forest, well within the Tanglebriar, the domain of the demon lord Treerazer.12


During the Age of Legend, Arabrecht was the handsome manor home of the Archmage Aelthian, one of the most powerful elven wizards who ever lived. When the government of Kyonin ordered the mass evacuation of all of Golarion's elves through the Sovyrian Stone in order to avoid the doom of Earthfall, Aelthian ignored their pleas, trusting in his own magical wards to protect him. His confidence seems to have been justified, as Aelthian survived the cataclysm and continued his magical research for thousands of years thereafter, eventually even unlocking the secret of eternal life.1

Battle against Treerazer

When the elves returned from their refuge in Sovyrian in 2632 AR3 and found much of their country under Treerazer's sway, they pleaded with Aelthian for assistance. The Archmage, already annoyed at the fiend's audacity, agreed and crafted a spell of incredible power that would banish Treerazer and all of his minions at once. Even though many demons perished as the spell's energies were released, something terrible went wrong. The elves attempted to contact Aelthian, but received no reply. When they traveled to Arabrecht, all they found there was a grassy, concave clearing carved into the ground with no sign of the manor or the archmage. Floating above the center of the crater was a single anthracite ball that seemed to pull everything towards it. A low, whistling wind blew constantly inward toward the ball from all sides, as if the sphere was drawing in all matter towards it.1

Recent history

Little new information has been discovered about Arabrecht or the missing archmage in the last 3,000 years, as anyone who attempts to get close to the site is never heard from again.1