Gadka Burtannon

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Gadka Burtannon

Source: City of Strangers, pg(s). 23

Gadka Burtannon is the owner and sole operator of Gadka's Magical Oddities, a magical trinket shop in the Varisian city of Kaer Maga. Located in the Tarheel Promenade district, the shop is actually just a covered cart, semi-permanently parked on the corners of Fever Street and Half-a-Chicken Walk. Gadka sells both genuine magical items and worthless baubles designed the full the gullible. His numerous scars show where dissatisfied customers have come back for a "refund", yet the price of his functioning magical gear is quite reasonable. Despite his ruthless attitude when it comes to making a profit, Gadka is generally a jovial dwarf, whose extroverted manner earns him friends in many places.12


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