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Esme Verisi

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Esme Verisi

Source: The Godsmouth Heresy, pg(s). 26

Esme Verisi is the magus zombie partner of the alchemist Svilennius Tripe, her animator, with whom she lives deep beneath the Varisian city of Kaer Maga. She is a rare example of an intelligent, alchemically animated undead creature.1


Once a living necromancer afflicted with an incurable magical disease that caused her flesh to waste away as if she were dead, Esme turned to the necromancers of Kaer Maga's Ankar-Te district in pursuit of aid, but she soon realized she would die before sufficiently mastering necromancy to cure herself and was too poor to pay for treatment.1

Death and reanimation

Out of time and options, Esme was left to live her remaining life working at the White Lady brothel, where she met recently excommunicated Pharasmin cleric Svilennius Tripe. Svilennius was ejected from the church for studying alchemical methods of raising the dead from the forbidden order of Chymists of Life in Death, and he was immediately drawn to Esme's condition. He too was unable to develop a cure for her, but proposed raising her as an undead creature that retained her intelligence and personality.1

Svilennius killed Esme and infused her with his alchemical experiments. Although they succeeded, he destroyed his notes and formulae in a fury when the process took longer than expected, and was unable to recreate his success in subsequent experiments. He now resents Esme as a reminder of his failures, while Esme is unable to leave his hidden laboratory deep beneath Kaer Maga and is slowly questioning her sanity in the company of unintelligent undead.1