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Father Zho
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Monk 7
Gender Male
Homeland Kaer Maga
Organization Brothers of the Seal

Source: City of Strangers, pg(s). 42

Father Zho is a member of the monkish Brothers of the Seal in the Varisian city of Kaer Maga. He leads the traditionalist faction of the Brothers known as the Faithful, who wish to keep to their ancient duties, protecting the ancient seal located deep below the streets of Oriat. Father Zho is not the man he once was, having seen countless promising young companion lost to conflict or worse heresy, all he has left is his belief in the Brothers of the Seal. To those not belonging to the rival faction he is polite and courteous however he is ruthless towards his enemies, executing any who he suspects are helping the Scions, he doesn't hesitate to execute those he believes are helping these traitors.[1]


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