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Parfus Erigol

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Parfus Erigol
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human (Varisian)
Class Rogue 1 / Expert 2
Gender Male
Homeland Kaer Maga, Varisia
Organization Sczarni

Source: City of Strangers, pg(s). 23

Parfus Erigol is a Sczarni shop-owner in the Oriat district of Kaer Maga. His store, the Succoring Muse, offers a wide assortment of drugs, and a place to use them out of the public eye. To this end, Erigol offers a range of price options for short-term stays, ranging from extravagant and luxurious accommodations, catering to the client's every need, to dingy floprooms for those on the lower end of the economic spectrum. His larger-than-life persona and reasonable prices make him a favorite of local students and artists looking for a short escape from their troubles.[1]