Svilennius Tripe

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Svilennius Tripe
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human
Class Ex-Cleric 4 / Alchemist 2
Gender Male
Homeland Kaer Maga, Varisia
Deity Pharasma
Organization Chymists of Life in Death
Companion(s) Esme Verisi

Source: The Godsmouth Heresy, pg(s). 24

Svilennius Tripe was a lowly cleric of Pharasma until he discovered heretical tomes penned by the Chymists of Life in Death that discussed the creation of alchemical undead as a way around the tenet of Pharasma's faith that sees undead as an abomination. The books transformed his faith, and as Tripe took the message of these books to heart he was excommunicated from the church as a heretic and lost all of his clerical powers.[1]

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