Flesh Block

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Located in the commercial Downmarket district, the Flesh Block is Kaer Maga's slave market. Potential clients come here from all over Avistan, hoping to buy or sell the unusual sentient creatures the city attracts. The market also draws those wishing to sell themselves or their families into servitude, whether it is for limited indentured labor or into complete slavery. These voluntary sales are generally out of extreme necessity involving debt which would otherwise never be paid.1

Those being sold against their will can also be found at the Flesh Block. They are kept in large pens and sold off individually by professional auctioneers. These professionals not only sell people on commission, but also sometimes buy them in the hopes of fattening them up or otherwise improving their condition so that they may fetch a higher price later on.1

Even though it might seem contradictory at first, the Freemen of the Bottoms are frequent customers here. Having realized that they lack the military might to free all slaves within Kaer Maga, they hope to emancipate them legally after purchasing them.1


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