Augur Temple

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The Augur Temple is the headquarters of the Augurs, a group of civilized trolls who perform divination and fortune-telling by supposedly reading the future in their own entrails: a grim, self-haruspicy.1


The temple is located in the Downmarket core district of the Varisian city of Kaer Maga, and is one of the only permanent structures in that neighborhood. It is a large complex made up of two sections: the covered entryway and the main temple itself. The entryway is an open area with many giant columns and steps which lead to a covered walkway. The steps are too big for human-sized creatures to easily climb. Trolls often read petitioners' fortunes here, or else are found wandering around the Downmarket district seeking customers or socializing. The covered walkway eventually leads to a pair of massive steel doors which lead into the temple proper.1

Outside the temple

The only thing non-Augurs know about the main temple is that sections of it are open to the sky, as certain citizens living in the nearby Highside Stacks district can see down into the lower-lying temple. They report that during heavy rainstorms, the Augurs can be seen cavorting within the inner temple.1


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