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Bloodsalt is the largest of several ruined cities on the shore of Terwa Lake, at the northern edge of Rechiend's Plains in the Mwangi Expanse. It takes its name from the region's red, iron-rich silt (similar to that which gave Bloodcove its name). Much of the city is now buried beneath the silt. The local tribes view the ruins as taboo. Treasure hunters who survive the creatures living within the ruins also have to escape the wrath of the natives. Few clues remain to identify the city's original inhabitants, but visitors tell of uncovering skeletons whose various locations imply the entire population died at once. In fact, the lake occasionally releases a cloud of deadly volcanic gas, which kills everything in the vicinity. The city is also sometimes known as the City of the Dragon-Men, after iconography found there which depicts people sprouting dragon-like wings and flying off to commune with spirits.1


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