Gutblood Labyrinth

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The Gutblood Labyrinth lies in the Rechiend's Plains in a section of mostly featureless grassland west of Free Station. The Labyrinth lies beneath a fissure that occurs so abruptly many an unwary traveller has nearly fallen into it. It is so treacherous that the locals know it as "Calistria's Grin". Those brave enough to descend into the fissure find nothing for hundreds of feet until reaching depths where the sun is but a memory. In its deepest reaches, a series of disconnected caverns now dot both sides of the fissure and wind off in every direction for miles. Though once part of the region of the Nar-Voth known as the Sleepless Realm of Reguare, the Gutblood Labyrinth was cut off from the wider region, though why no one can say. The only hint at what the ancient Ghol-Gani cyclopes may have been trying to contain lies in the bodies of those who try to explore the Gutblood Labyrinth's depths. Their corpses inevitably wash up along the coast of the Fever Sea, bloated and mutilated almost beyond recognition.1


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