Drowning Stones

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The ruins of the city of Drowning Stones, located in the northern Mwangi Jungle of the Mwangi Expanse, were abandoned by its population when it began to sink into the swamp. It sits about halfway between the Olongo River to the north and the Vanji River to the south.1 Today, only the central fortress remains relatively dry.2 The city takes its name from the massive standing stones that served as pillars for the central forum.3


Concurrently with the abandonment of the settlement, tribes of ulat-kinis began emerging from the Darklands, presumably through some undiscovered entrance to the underground world. Ulat-kinis now occupy the city despite the efforts of the local Rumawa tribe to dislodge them from what they consider to be holy ground. The ulat-kinis worship the demon lord Sifkesh, and there is a temple to her in a cavern beneath the city.45

Pathfinder Society

The Pathfinder Society maintains a small way-station 24 miles downriver of Drowning Stones.6 400 miles away from the ruins, the Society has placed statues representing the Drowning Stones in miniature in the marketplace abutting their Pathfinder lodge of Sharrowsmith's Exports in the city of Nantambu.7