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Holy Xatramba

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The ruins of Holy Xatramba lie in the eastern jungle of the Mwangi Expanse, southwest of the city of Kibwe.[1]

The city was founded in 3699 AR, at the site of Volnagur's first defeat (which happened in 909 AR).[2][3] Its religion was an unique mix of ancestor worship and worship of Pharasma and its memory is revered by the Mwangi people.[citation needed]

It vied with Rastel for influence in the region, and its rival eventually summoned a horde of demons to destroy the city. The few survivors of the demonic assault fled to Kibwe, at the time Xatramba's eastern regional capital. Countless religious artefacts were lost in the disaster.[citation needed]

The demons shook free of Rastel's control, and sought to rule the city for themselves. However, today the city is claimed by Olohimba, a mighty Pharasmin green dragon.[3] The dragon has done what she can to remove the fiends from her territory, but many still remain in the city. In addition, the city is haunted by the ghosts of many of its original citizens.[4]

Those Mwangi spellcasters who possess the ability to tap into the latent spiritual energies of their ancestors' ruins say that this is a powerful site; only the mysterious Doorway to the Red Star and the extremely dangerous Ruins of Kho are more potent.[5]