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The ruined city of Boali stands on the northern shore of the Bay of Senghor on Garund's western coast, north of the city-state of Senghor and south of the pirate haven of Bloodcove.1


In 2603 AR, when the ancestors of the local Caldaru people first came as traders to Garund from their native Arcadia, the people of Boali welcomed them and offered them a plot of land on which to build a settlement that would eventually grow into the city of Senghor.23

In 2618 AR, after the people of Senghor discovered that Boali cultists were sacrificing their young people in the nearby Ghol-Gani ruins, they razed Boali, executed the cultists, and rescued would-be victims. Feeling guilty for violating Boali's hospitality, they then took in many Boali children and made marriage alliances with the few surviving young Boali nobles. The people of Senghor did a quite thorough job on Boali: walls were pulled down, buildings were destroyed, and the harbour was filled with boulders. No trace remained of the original inhabitants, but their shattered architecture has some similarity to that of the ruins of Bloodsalt far to the northeast on the banks of Terwa Lake.34

The story of Boali's destruction has since passed into legend, forgotten by all but a small cabal whose members are taught to fight cult resurgence.2 To this day, the people of Senghor consider it taboo to speak of Boali, which they consider to be cursed.3

Boali today

Today, the ruins of Boali are home to a few tribes of charau-ka and the occasional group of shipwrecked sailors. It is said that on moonlit nights the ghostly sound of running footsteps and clashing swords can be heard in the empty streets.5


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