Boneyard (Riddleport)

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For another meaning of "Boneyard", please see Boneyard.

The Boneyard serves as Riddleport's dump and ships' graveyard rather than the intended final resting place for the dead. It is located east of the city's eastern ridge. Climbing over the ridge, Boneyard Cut passage ascends almost 200 feet at a near-45-degree angle. Many old hulks and collections of ships' ribs protrude from the swampy ground of the Boneyard. The whole area is a partially flooded salt marsh that is generally two to three feet deep, although some hidden patches of quicksand are much deeper. Several scavenging creatures are known to inhabit the Boneyard, including the dangerous swamp barracuda and immense cockroaches.1

In several places, numerous ship hulks have clumped together, forming tangled warrens of chambers interconnected by plank bridges, ropes, and crude ladders. Many of these are inhabited by packs of wererats, all of whom belong to a larger family run by Ziphras.1


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