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The Churlwood is a dense forest of impenetrable thickets located to the north of Varisia's Lost Coast, bordered by the Fogscar Mountains to the west and the Lampblack River to the east.[1] Due to the difficulty non-natives have in finding their way through it, and its proximity to the settlements of Wolf's Ear, Roderic's Cove, and Ravenmoor, it has also become a favorite hide-out for all manner of criminals.[2] Besides the bandits, it is home to small communities of druids who guard the natural beauty of the place,[3] a legendary sasquatch named Paakis-si,[4] and plentiful large vermin[5] and wild game.[2] The Shoanti Shriikirri-Quah tribe consider the eastern edges of the forest to be part of their domain, and tribesmen sometimes study and commune with the native wildlife there.[6]