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Fogscar Mountains

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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Fortress of the Stone Giants

The Fogscar Mountains are a coastal range in central Varisia, bordered by the Varisian Gulf to the west and the Churlwood to the east.[1] It is a wild region inhabited by countless bands of goblins who constantly fight amongst themselves over control of territory and resources. Those few travelers who do brave the narrow roads, perhaps as a shortcut from Magnimar to Roderic's Cove, are strongly advised to carry trinkets to pay off the scavenging natives.[2][3] In 4707 AR, giants of the Storval Plateau used the mountains as a blind to enter central Varisia undetected in a failed invasion attempt.[4]

Places of interest

Spire of Lemriss

An enormous spike of plant matter that shoots from the ground, far higher than any natural tree, it is alive with wildlife.[5]