Gold Goblin

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The Gold Goblin.

The Gold Goblin Gambling Hall is a gaming hall and casino located in the Varisian city of Riddleport. Located in the bustling Wharf District, it hosts a number of games of chance and skill, including bounder, ghoulette, golems, and skiffs.1


Being within bowshot of the Velashu River, the Gold Goblin enjoyed great success during its earlier days but time, competition, and mismanagement resulted in it falling from prestige. A new owner by the name of Saul Vancaskerkin purchased, renovated, and reopened the Gold Goblin in 4708 AR with a gambling tournament he dubbed 'Cheat the Devil and Take his Gold'.23

Although the business began to regain popularity since its reopening, the death of its owner has left the business with an uncertain future.[citation needed]


One of the first and finest gambling establishments in Riddleport, the Gold Goblin attracted attention with its brass-plated dome atop the casino and the eight-foot-tall statue of a goblin at the front entrance. Although finely constructed, the building shows significant signs of decline.4


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