Publican House

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The Publican House in Riddleport.

This tavern is marked by a sign of a dented ale mug, with golden letters under it labeling this the "Publican House". It stands in the city of Riddleport.

Constructed of rough-hewn wood and weathered shingles, the establishment is a raucous den of drinking and merriment. An expansive view of the river is visible from windows of leaden glass.[1]

There is a celebration of drink every afternoon and night, often including drinking games which include tests of strength, stamina and dexterity. Being at the waterfront, it is a favorite for ship crews and travelers, although it also attracts patrons by its fair price and impressive selection, and the fact that it is actually a temple to Cayden Cailean. The only people not welcome in the tavern are the Cyphermages.

Arnando Rolf holds the title of High Publican, and oversees the temple-tavern.[2]


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