Shorafa Pamodae

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Shorafa Pamodae
Titles High Priestess
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Tiefling
Class Cleric 10
Gender Female
Homeland Riddleport, Varisia
Deity Calistria

Source: Shadow in the Sky, pg(s). 53

An alluring but dangerous tiefling, Shorafa Pamodae is the high priestess of Calistria in the goddess's Riddleport temple, the House of the Silken Veil. She acts as a madam to the prostitutes working at the temple, and uses these girls as sources of information, which she later sells. She is considered the city's major information broker, which led to her ascension to become one of the city's minor crimebosses.[1][2]

A female tiefling who is always seen clad in leather and carries a snakeskin whip coiled around her shoulder, Shorafa also runs the hospitality industry in the city. Everyone from pimps to liquor sellers answer to Shorafa, and she is considered the ruler of the "hospitality" industry in Riddleport.[3][4][5]


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