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Titles Crimelord
Race/Species Wererat
Gender Male
Homeland Riddleport, Varisia

Source: Shadow in the Sky, pg(s). 50

The leader of a gang of wererats that patrol the Rotgut District of Riddleport, Ziphras is the weakest of the city's crimelords. His unique gang scurry about the district in rat form gathering news, information, targets, and new recruits (both willing and unwilling) for his gang. Because of his lycanthropic traits and shady methods, Ziphras has proven a difficult opponent to those who would face him, as proven by his status as a crimelord.[1][2]


Ziphras was born to Sczarni wererats in Riddleport, and is the last surviving member of that clan to remain in Riddleport. His relative Ayala Javeski founded the criminal Tower Girls gang of Magnimar.[3]


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