Lake Prophyria

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Located in the county of Sinaria in Ustalav, the cold algae-choked Lake Prophyria sits at the northeast border of the county and dominates the region, taking up nearly half of the county's area. Since before the founding of Ustalav, the lake has been associated with magic, and even the Whispering Tyrant was interested in such claims.1


The lake is formed as a massive confluence of the Moutray River with the Sellen River system. It is surrounded by fertile land covered in plantations, and most of the inhabitants of Sinaria live within easy reach of its banks. On its western shore sits Sinaria's largest settlement, the city of Karcau, the world-famous 'Village of Voices'; on its northern shores lies Graidmere Swamp.1 The lake's eastern banks are within the nation of Numeria, and the small fishing village of Dravod Knock is the only settlement of any size to be found there.2


The lake is known for the mosquitoes and other biting insects that spawn in the lake and nearby swamps, which arrive like a plague in Karcau during warmer periods of the year and force locals to adopt head protection and veils.3412


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