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Nation Numeria
Region Sellen Hills
Size Small town
Population 1,764
Demographics Ratfolk
Ruler Elder Broketooth

Source: Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars, pg(s). 14-15

Chitterhome is the largest ratfolk settlement in Numeria. It is located in the Sellen Hills region, about 50 miles east of Scrapwall. The settlement itself is a square mile in size and consists of natural caverns that have been further excavated.[1]

Chitterhome contains three, and possibly more, carefully guarded entrances to Nar-Voth.[1]

Outsiders are not allowed in Chitterhome, but its residents trade throughout eastern Numeria. Specifically, Chitterhome traders travel to Chesed and Hajoth Hakados and along the Sellen River.[1]