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Nation Numeria
Region Sovereign's Reach
Size Small town
Population 1,940
Demographics 1,261 humans, 190 halflings, 174 half-orcs, 315 other
Government Secret syndicate
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Ruler Council Lord Drajeet Ishanat

Source: Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars, pg(s). 19

The walled town of Lackthroat can be found near the source of the Egelsee River in northern Numeria, hard against the Estrovian Forest in the crusader nation of Mendev. Known as a haven for ne'er-do-wells and mercenaries, the citizens of Lackthroat take pride in indulging their own vices and those of anyone passing through. Despite, or perhaps because of this, Lackthroat has served as the staging ground for many legends among mercenaries and other adventurers from Numeria and beyond.[1]

The Haunted Forest

The citizens of Lackthroat have encountered the strange beings known as herne in the Estrovin Forest, and don't know whether they are haunting spirits or mischievous fey. One thing they know for certain, however, is that the herne fiercely protect the Estrovin.[2]