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Sunder Horns

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Sunder Horns
Type Tribe
Leader Ghievhalt
Headquarters Sunder Horn, Sellen Hills, Numeria
Scope Regional
Structure Tribal

Source: Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars, pg(s). 31

The Sunder Horns is a Kellid tribe in the Sellen Hills region of Numeria. The Sunder Horns are not nomadic and live in their ancestral territory, known as Sunder Horn, centered near an iron mine. They are notorious raiders and cruel slavers, attacking even other Kellid tribes for slaves. Their slaves work in the mines to death. They are also known as accomplished smiths.[1] The leader of the Sunder Horn tribe, a sadist and cruel barbarian named Ghievhalt, perceives himself as divinely chosen to be part of some great and bloody plan. Beneath the Sunder Horn tribe's sacred ground, lies a Rough Seed of Rovagug. The aura of violence and rage the Seed radiates has transformed Ghievhalt into a perverted monster. He renamed himself Rovagug's Nail and under his leadership the savage tribe has become something far worse. All ties and alliances between them and other tribes have been cut.[2][3][4]