Ghost Wolves

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Ghost Wolves
Type Tribe
Leader Xol-Nomag
Headquarters Western Sellen Hills, Numeria
Goals Death to technology and its users
Scope Regional
Structure Tribal
Members Kellids

Source: Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars, pg(s). 30–31

The Ghost Wolves are a Kellid tribe in the Sellen Hills region of Numeria with an affinity for the old Kellid ways and a fierce hatred of technology. Their name derives from both their swift, nomadic strikes and their unusual use of magic—particularly laser-nullifying invisibility—to strike. They are led by Xol-Nomag, a fear-inspiring, ferocious chieftain.[1]

The tribe battles its way through the Technic League and robots, not out of fear but rather in anger and pursuit of their skymetals, which they forge into keen weapons. They also destroy technological artifacts as part of their attempts to demonstrate their superiority over technology.[1] One of the tribe's greatest victories was against a horned, red-skinned evaluator robot; however, the robot's explosion after it was destroyed killed many of the tribe's barbarians.[2]