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The now-extinct nation of Rastel was known for conflict with its neighbours, which at the time included Holy Xatramba. At its height its territory included the Korir Plains and part of the Screaming Jungle in the Mwangi Expanse.

It included humans, dwarves and lizardfolk among its members, and they worshipped a cross-species pantheon of gods.

They used dark magic in their conquests, but in summoning the horde of demons which destroyed Xatramba they may have inadvertently hastened their own downfall.

In any event, all that remains today are ruins, most notably the ruined cities of Rastel and Liclac. These ruins show signs of fire, conflict and cannibalism, and all the temples have been desecrated. However, it is not clear whether the nation fell as a result of civil war, out-of-control demons, or both.1


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