Order of the Torrent

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Order of the Torrent
Order of the Torrent Lictor Octavio Sabinus.
(Hellknight Orders)
Creed "Breathe deeply before the plunge."
Fortress None (formerly Citadel Vaull)
Leaders Lictor Octavio Sabinus[1]
Symbol Armored fish
Armor Aquatic themes with fin-shaped decorations
Weapon Halberd or longbow
Reckoning Being revived after nearly drowning
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Source: Turn of the Torrent, pg(s). 67

Before the intervention of House Thrune, Citadel Vaull in the Chelish city of Kintargo was the only home of the otherwise nomadic manhunters of the Hellknight Order of the Torrent.[2] The order has a reputation for rescuing abducted people,[3] but its leader Lictor Octavio Sabinus has been missing since Barzillai Thrune, Lord Mayor at the time, brought the Order of the Rack to the city,[1] seized and looted Citadel Vaull, stripped the order of its charter, and declared the order's members outlaws in 4715 AR.[3][4]

With Ravounel's independence from Cheliax, the Order of the Rack was driven from the nation, and Kintargo's government now shares Citadel Kintargo with the Order of the Torrent as allies.[5] The Order sometimes works with a detachment of Shining Sentinels of the Knights of Lastwall to protect Ravounel's independence.[6]


The Order of the Torrent was founded in 4644 AR by Reya Naulvaneti, who had rescued the son of the city's lord-mayor at the time. Originally a member of the Order of the Scourge, her success led to her commanders mandating the establishment of the new Hellknight order. The newly created Order of the Torrent garnered a reputation for having never attracted an evil member, though its ranks have recently declined to an unprecedented 23 members, most of them scattered across Avistan.[3]

This decline began in 4675 AR when Lictor Reya was assassinated by one of the leader's of the Gray Spiders, a local thieves' guild. In retaliation, the Hellknights mounted an assault on their hideout, under the command of the newly appointed Lictor Parthos Yehl. Although the raid was successful, effectively destroying the criminal gang and taking control of the hideout, Yehl was later disgraced when it was discovered that he had planned to raid the guild's treasury and keep the ill-gotten loot for himself and a few favored subordinates. Subsequently charged with corruption and expelled, the Order never recovered from the disgrace.[4][4]

Octavio Sabinus has served as the order's lictor since around 4708 AR, succeeding Arcamo Hyrmagus, who died aged 77.[3]


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