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Imperial Army

Protect Molthune, expand the empire
National (Molthune)
Military hierarchy
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 122–4
For another meaning of "Imperial Army", please see Imperial Army (Lung Wa).
The Ironfang Legion attacks Molthuni soldiers.

The Imperial Army, also known as the Molthuni Army, is the main military force of Molthune. Molthuni culture centers around the army due to the nation's expansionist goals and war with Nirmathas. Those born into the laborer caste can attain full citizenship by serving five years in the Imperial Army, and immigrants are granted land in exchange for military service. Due to its zeal for conquest, the army even accepts monstrous races, including hobgoblins, centaurs, lycanthropes, and nagas.


The leaders of the Imperial Army are the nine General Lords, who also rule as Molthune's civil leaders. At the head of the General Lords is the Imperial Governor, currently Markwin Teldas, who also holds the title and role of High Commander of the Molthuni Imperial Army.1 The army's command point is the Imperial Castle in Canorate.2

Uniform and heraldry

Most troops are trained with standardized weapons and uniforms and trained in the importance of discipline and respect for authority.3 The uniform consists of a red cape over a white tabard surmounting some form of armour.4


A captain of the Imperial Army presenting the arms of Molthune on his armour.

Army officers may present the arms of Molthune on their armour without the need for a white tabard (see illustration).5 The national coat of arms—also displayed on the national flag—consists of a crossed sword and hammer.4

Regular soldiers display the heraldry of the Imperial Army: a small, red dragon holding a larger, purple-coloured sword.4

Units of the Imperial Army

The more-elite troops of the Imperial Army are usually stationed at Fort Ramgate where they can most effectively strike at Nirmathi skirmishers who harass the mutual border. Rumours have begun to circulate that the Molthuni Army has trained their lycanthrope units in forest warfare, specifically for the purpose of hunting down Nirmathi rangers.3

Other units of the Imperial Army include:


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