Akashic Record

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Akashic Record
The Reading Room of the Akashic Record.

Mildly neutral
Repository of all knowledge
Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 210

The Akashic Record is an enigmatic, impossibly difficult-to-reach demiplane deep in the Astral Plane that is said to be a vast psychic library of all knowledge in the Great Beyond.1


The Akashic Record is said to be the collection of all psychic experiences in the multiverse, providing a perfect and clear understanding of all knowledge in existence. From there, one can visually observe scenes from any moment in time, from the current moment back to the creation of the multiverse.12

These scenes appear all around the observer, who can perfectly understand all communication and control the pace of events. Those observing their own lives can also choose to inhabit their body and relive the event and experience the same emotions once more. The Akashic Record's existence thus seems to negate all mysteries of the Great Beyond and conflict with the death of prophecy in the Age of Lost Omens.12

Occult lore suggests that modifying the Akashic Record can change the past, but such an actor risks becoming lost in the alternative timelines of the Dimension of Time, and would earn the ire of lipika aeons, inevitables, or hounds of Tindalos.1

Planar traits

In the Akashic Record, time flows slowly relative to the Material Plane. One hour on the Material Plane passes for each perceived day in the Akashic Record. The plane's structure is static,1 and its physical properties and those of its living inhabitants cannot be changed even through magic.3


No magic is known to provide direct travel to the Akashic Record. Some planar travellers are said to have arrived via the Dimension of Time. According to reputable occult sources, they gained access to a reading room where they could peruse a limited amount of the Akashic Record's knowledge under the supervision of lipikas.12


The danava known as the Akashic Guru is said to be integral to the Akashic Record's existence. She can recall previous versions of herself from the Akashic Record, undoing all of her injuries (including death), which renders her nearly invincible.1 Lipika aeons keep watch over the Akashic Record and are sometimes described as its agents.14

On Golarion

Occult scholars revere the Akashic Record and use it—and even its supposed existence—to prove various kinds of psychic magic and phenomena. While arcane and divine scholars acknowledge such magic's efficacy, they do not consider psychic phenomena to be evidence that the Akashic Record exists.1


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