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The Barrowood is the largest woodland in western Cheliax and lies between Lake Sorrow and the Menador Mountains.1 The forest is a source of rare and valuable lumber, including barroak (used in ship construction) and shade maple (used in arcane implementations).2


Barrowood is the location of Iomedae's third miraculous act. While mounted on a flying griffon, the soon-to-be-goddess cleaved Segruchen the Iron Gargoyle's wings from his body. The plummeting "King of Barrowood" created a large crater as he impacted with the ground, where she slew him.3


Despite the fact that the veneration of Asmodeus is the state religion, the people who live near the Barrowood tend to worship the god Erastil in greater proportions than those in the rest of Cheliax.4 No civilized folk live within the wood, although it does serve as a haven for those fleeing the law, including runaway slaves. Other residents include the goblin tribe known as Jurdan's Volunteers, an unusual group that has a human leader.5 A druid mounted on a mighty griffon, called Ironwing Kazi, aggressively patrols the forest, slaying devil-worshippers.6

The Barrowood is also home to fey, as well as animals tainted by diabolic influences.7

Place of interest


The Barrowood is the subject of a wide variety of myths and rumours:

  • It is believed a small elvish settlement and a druid enclave exists within its depths.21
  • It is said that Barrowood received its name from the many graves within, all said to belong to numerous petty tyrants.1
  • According to rumour, Abrogail Thrune I made her infernal pact with Asmodeus within the Winter Grove.9
  • The Order of the Scourge is said to be constructing a hidden redoubt within the forest, and an underground highway that would connect it to their headquarters at Citadel Demain, in order to use it as a refuge should Cheliax ever turn on the Hellknights.1011


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