Roads of Sandpoint

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Sandpoint is criss-crossed by many roads and this page lists them. Some of the more important ones have a description.12

Bent Street
Bishop Street
Brokestone Alley
Chopper's Alley
Church Street
Cliff Street
Cog Street
Crab Street
Drunkard's Walk
Festival Street
Fox Street
Frog Alley
Gaffer's Walk
Glass Street
Gull Street
High Street
Hook Street
Junker's Way
Lost Coast Road
Main Street
Market Street
Mud Lane
Mud Street
Net Street
Prickleback Lane
Rat Alley
Raven Street
Razor Alley
Razor Street
River Street
Rum Street
Rusty Nail Alley
Salmon Street
Sand Street
Sandpoint Bridge
Schooner Gulch Road
Shark Alley
Shell Street
Soggy Alley
Tanglefoot Alley
Tanner's Bridge
Tower Street
Undercliff Way
Water Street
Wet Dog Alley
Whisker Street