House of Blue Stones

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The House of Blue Stones is a monastery dedicated to the deity Irori in the town of Sandpoint, located at 30 Glass Street1 at the intersection of Rat Alley. The site is run by Jabyl Sorn, daughter of the House's founder.23


The House of Blue Stones is a stone structure known for its open meditation floor made of inset blue stones that provide the monastery with its name. Sorn uses the building's basement as a private library.31


The House was first established in 4675 AR by the monk Enderaki Sorn. Upon the man's death in 4700 AR, control of the monastery passed to his daughter Jabyl.3


The faithful of Irori are welcome to enter the House of Blue Stones and freely use its library. Sorn also allows entry to others should they convince her of good intent.3