Jasper Korvaski

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Jasper Korvaski
Alignment Lawful good
Race/Species Human (Chelaxian)
Class Paladin 3 / Expert 1
Gender Male
Homeland Sandpoint, Varisia
Deity Abadar
Organization Sandpoint Mercantile League

Source: Burnt Offerings, pg(s). 70

Jasper Korvaski is the manager of the Sandpoint Mercantile League. A retired paladin of Abadar, Jasper remains a loyal and devout follower of his god. His nigh-incorruptible character makes him a valuable asset to the four families who own the Mercantile League—enough so that most of them are willing to overlook the potential scandal of his romantic relationship with Cyrdak Drokkus, a liaison that, despite the best efforts of both men, has become one of Sandpoint's worst-kept secrets. The ultra-conservative Scarnettis strongly disapprove of both the relationship and the town's general tolerance of the gay couple, and would very much like Jasper to pack up and move back to his former home in Magnimar, but the support of the other three families largely shields him from the impact of their disapproval.[1]


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