Sandpoint Town Hall

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The Sandpoint Town Hall is a two-story building located at the intersection of Main Street and Tower Street, and serves as the governmental center of the Varisian town of Sandpoint.12


The ground floor consists of the large town meeting hall, which hosts the infrequent and often poorly attended town meetings. It is designed to accommodate all of Sandpoint's adult population, but as of 4707 AR meetings had been less than half full. The top floor is composed of storage rooms and offices for civic officials, including Mayor Kendra Deverin's office.3

The basement holds Sandpoint's bank, which has been located there for decades. For almost as long, there has been talk of moving the bank to its own structure, but such decisions are generally sidetracked and abandoned due to various local concerns.3

Notable people

As of 4724 AR, Shayliss Vinder serves as a clerk in town hall and has become the town hall's most frequent primary attendant.2