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Titus Scarnetti


Titus Scarnetti is the head of the noble Scarnetti family in the Varisian town of Sandpoint. He controls all of Sandpoint's mills and lumber yards, and is therefore one of the most powerful people on the Lost Coast.1


Scarnetti is quite conservative and traditional in his thinking, which often puts him at odds with the other people in town. This disconnect has cost him the race for mayor every time he has run against the more likeable Kendra Deverin, and there is no love lost between the two.1

Lately, there have been rumors that Titus has links to certain nefarious individuals in the Sandpoint area—including members of the Sczarni criminal gangs—which have greatly reduced his standing in town.3 The exits of fellow local nobles Ameiko Kaijitsu and the Valdemars have further eroded his influence, leading him to form the Scarnetti Consortium in an attempt to consolidate his power.4

Scarnetti also fears the revelation of his long-running affairs with at least five merchants or nobles in Magnimar, secrets that might be known by the vigilante known in Sandpoint only as Shroud.5


Titus is the only surviving son of Alamon Scarnetti, who assaulted the local Varisians more than 40 years ago but was not punished for this crime. Titus is married to Delarah and has three children: a daughter named Elisse, and two sons named Charn and Lianel. His aunt Enid and her son Adimar originally lived in Riddleport, but have since been forced to flee to Titus' residence in Sandpoint to avoid reprisal.6

Titus has a brother,7 Milton Scarnetti, who has disavowed Titus and seeks to abandon any of his claims to a Scarnetti family inheritance in order to fully separate himself from Titus.8


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