Rynshinn Povalli

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Rynshinn Povalli


Rynshinn Povalli is the proprietor of Vernah's Fine Clothing, a clothing shop in Sandpoint. She is widely considered to be the town's most beautiful resident.1


Rynshinn is the daughter of Iremiel, an elven bard and cleric of Calistria, and his human lover Vernah Povalli. Rynshinn never knew her father, as he was killed by smugglers when she was less than a week old. Unknown to her, Iremiel was reincarnated into a quickling after death with his memories intact and has since lived in the attic of Vernah's house.1

Every year, on his daughter's birthday, he secretly leaves behind a small package of elven coins, medicine, and toys in the house. While Vernah has claimed that they came from Iremiel's ghost, and locals believe that they are given by one of his living relatives, Rynshinn hopes that her father still lives and that the gifts were given by him, not his ghost.1


Rynshinn is idly courted by several of Sandpoint's young residents but has politely rejected all of them for a reason that she keeps to herself: she is asexual and not interested in romance.1


Rynshinn inherited her mother's clothing shop after Vernah was murdered by Chopper in 4702 AR. She has used the money from her birthday presents to expand the shop and found a guild consisting of dozens of quilters, crafters, and tailors who can conduct business from her shop. As of the mid-4710s AR, she sought to open a shop in Magnimar but had yet to find a trusted partner.1