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Brodert Quink

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Brodert Quink

Source: Burnt Offerings, pg(s). 64

Brodert Quink is the resident sage of the town of Sandpoint. Though his intelligence and education are undeniable, many of his theories are regarded as little more than fantasy by his peers and the community.1


Quink is a aged man, likely losing his hair to stress as much as to the passage of years.1


Constantly frustrated by the lack of respect he feels he is entitled to as a result of his knowledge and expertise, Quink is quick to anger and difficult to interact with.1

Skills & Abilities

Quink's belief that he is superior to those around him is not entirely unfounded; he is an exceptionally knowledgeable individual and a specialist in the fields of engineering and Varisian history. He finds the study of ancient Thassilon to be particularly intriguing, and it was his research into Sandpoint's Old Light that originally brought him to the area.1

Friends & Foes

Brodert Quink considers himself an intellectual and can often be found at The Curious Goblin, where he has been known to engage the shop's owner, Chask Haladan, and its other patrons in discussion.2


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