Cyrdak Drokkus

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Cyrdak Drokkus

Source: Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast, pg(s). 32–33

Cyrdak Drokkus is the producer of the Sandpoint Theater, one of the largest playhouses in Varisia.123


He was forced to flee from Magnimar in 4700 AR for staging a risque play satirizing Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras titled The Bloatmage's Banquet,1 a topic which he frequently alludes to but does not wish to discuss.123

He takes great pride in how his playhouse could compete with those in Magnimar and prefers to write his own productions, but tries not to repeat plays that were already run elsewhere and is willing to purchase scripts written by others if their quality is sufficiently high.1 Cracktooth's Tavern caters to the theater's patrons, and its proprietor Jesk Berinni has considered selling his plays to Drokkus.4

Drokkus' productions in Sandpoint have included The Harpy's Curse in 4707 AR, starring the diva Allishanda from Magnimar.56


Drokkus enjoys flirting with all young people in Sandpoint, but these activities have diminished since his marriage to Jasper Korvaski,1 a relationship they once kept poorly secret and publicly revealed around 4708 AR.7 The relationship offended the Scarnetti family, as did Sandpoint's acceptance of it, and the family has tried to pressure Korvaski to move back to Magnimar.27

He feuds with Ameiko Amatatsu, though only Korvaski and Bethana Corwin know the source of their conflict, which is the subject of many rumors in town.8 In truth, they are secretly close friends; their years-long false feud is a long-running challenge between the two to determine which is the better actor, with Korvaski and Corwin serving as judges.9


Drokkus does not trust the Sandpoint Town Hall or the Abadaran bank in Magnimar, and stores hismoney and signatures of Shensen, his favourite performer, in his basement. His valuables include a first-edition copy of The Conception Exception, a wedding gift from his husband.10