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Sandpoint Lumber Mill

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This article contains spoilers for the following products: The Skinsaw Murders

The Sandpoint Lumber Mill is located on River Street on the banks of the Turandarok River in the town of Sandpoint.[1] It is owned by the wealthy Scarnetti family who controls Sandpoint's lumber industry, and was one of the first buildings built during the founding of the town.[2] The mill is run by Ibor Thorn and was the sight of a grisly ritual murder in 4707 AR, when Ibor's partner Banny Harker was brutally murdered with his girlfriend Katrine Vinder. After some investigation it was discovered that they had been killed by the former (now dread ghast) Aldern Foxglove in an effort to fuel his master, Runelord Karzoug's runewell.[3]