The Curious Goblin

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The Curious Goblin is a rather complete collection of books for sale located on 40 Main Street in the Varisian town of Sandpoint.1 The shop's owner, Chask Haladan, seems more interested in collecting books and tomes rather than running a profitable business.2


A sign in front of the shop's building depicts a goblin reading a book sized for a being much larger than itself.2


Though The Curious Goblin houses an extensive inventory of books for sale, most are priced well beyond levels affordable by Sandpoint's residents, and Haladan seems to consider the gathering of his tomes more important than succeeding at business. Haladan has also allowed guests to freely peruse his inventory rather than part with his prized possessions.2

During Haladan's earlier years the bard worked as an adventurer, and the funds he earned early in life ensure the continued operation of his shop despite a history of lackluster sales.2 Haladan also offers spellcasting services from his shop.1

Notable individuals

Regular visitors to The Curious Goblin include Brodert Quink, Jabyl Sorn, and Ilsoari Gandethus, who are often seated in the shop's reading chairs or engaged in discussion amongst themselves and the shop's owner.2