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The Hagfish is located on the western-most dock at the southern end of Sandpoint, on 70 Water Street. It is one of the town's most popular taverns, especially among fishermen and gamblers. The owner is a one-legged human named Jargie Quinn.123


The Hagfish is a wooden building built on a series of piers over Sandpoint Harbor. Within the tavern, a large glass aquarium sits behind the bar and holds Norah, the tavern's namesake hagfish. Due to the hagfish's nature and Quinn's purposeful lack of cleaning, the aquarium is thick with slimy, foul-tasting water. The ceiling beams above bear the names of those who have drank a mug of Norah's tank water carved into them,23 and a large leather pouch hangs from a nail next to the tank and bulges with coins paid by those who failed.2


The Hagfish is known for serving the best seafood dinners in Sandpoint.2 Specialty wares include Crab 'n' Clam chowder; shots from Jargie's Reserve of Shackles rums, lingcod pot pie, and a mixed drink of Old Murdermaw stout and a splash of hagfish slime called a Hag's Challenge.3

The establishment also boasts a number of well-maintained gaming tables with a wide variety of games.2 The location is also a favorite venue for those wishing to partake in the game of "yarning".23 Quinn also defies superstition and grants a prize to any customer who completes, at volume, the whole song that mocks the Sandpoint Devil.4

Notable individuals

Quinn is a gregarious man whose affection for Norah is well known, as is his skill at the popular game of yarning. His favorite starting point for his tall tales is the ever-changing story of how he lost his leg.2