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Junker's Edge

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A goblin scavenges on Junk Beach.

Junker's Edge, and by extension Junk Beach, are the ultimate destinations for much of the garbage and unwanted items in the town of Sandpoint. Such refuse is gathered by a dromaar dung-sweeper named Gorvi and his employees, then dumped over the cliff. Despite protests by the faithful of Gozreh, Sandpoint's town council feels it is best to allow such waste to be managed by the tides.12


Junker's Edge acts as a general dumping ground where citizens can dispose of the unwanted with the intent that it be carried out to sea.1 However, it merely accumulates on the beach.3

Notable individuals

One of only a handful of dromaars in Sandpoint, Gorvi acts as the town's dung-sweeper. He is paid well for his services since no one else particularly wishes to be responsible for working in his stead.2
Hannah Velerin
Velerin is a follower of Gozreh and an outspoken opponent of the dumping practices used at Junker's Edge.1

Junk Beach

Junk Beach is the area underneath the cliffs where the garbage sits until washed out by the tide. The Seven Tooth tribe of goblins sneak onto the beach some mornings and take whatever items strike them as suitable treasure.4