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Niska Mvashti

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Niska Mvashti

Madame Mvashti

The late Niska Mvashti gave new meaning to the term "elder." Ancient even at Sandpoint's founding, Madame Mvashti was a Varisian historian and seer.234


Most of her divinations were made with cards or carved bones, but in the Age of Lost Omens she shared the same sense of brooding and dread as many oracles, and rarely enjoyed casting her predictions. She lived in a large manor house, which was built for her as part of the peace accord between the Sandpoint Mercantile League and local Varisians when the town was founded.2

It was agreed that the manor would revert to the town's control upon Madame Mvashti's death, but even decades later, she was still a vibrant part of the Varisian community. Even in her old age, she still enjoyed walks in the forest with regional druids who regularly came to town to lead her on her outings. She was cared for by local Varisians, including her daughter, the healer Koya Mvashti, and spat at any individuals known to be members of the Bunyip Club.3

In 4711 AR, Madame Mvashti died of natural causes.1 After her death, her house became a hostel for Varisian travelers known as Mvashti's Place operated by the witch Jiolan Verneeth.4