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A shaitan.
Type Outsider
(earth, extraplanar)
CR 7
Environment Any (Elemental Plane of Earth)
Images of shaitans

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 143

The shaitan (pronounced shy-TAWN)[1] are a race of genies from the Elemental Plane of Earth.[2] Noble shaitans are called pashas.[3]


Shaitans resemble humanoids and appear to be carved from rock, with glossy skin and glittering eyes. When they move it sounds like stone grating on stone. A typical specimen is 11 feet tall and weighs 5,000 pounds. They are stronger than djinn, but not as strong as the other genies. Their powers centre around control of stone: they can burrow through stone, or simply glide through it as if it wasn't there. They can bull rush foes into stone so that they are held fast, and can shape stone to their design. They can also transform one metal into another, although this transformation lasts only one day.[4][2]

Habitat and society

Shaitans hail from a region of the Elemental Plane of Earth known as the Opaline Vault. This is the seat of their ruler, Sultana Ashadieeyah bint Khalid, who oversees the race's mining operations and trade. They love working with metal and stone, and also love to enter into bargains, particularly those they can twist to their own benefit.

Shaitans are not cruel, but neither are they kind. They tend to be boastful and egotistical, and sulk if their pride is hurt. They dress in as much finery as they can afford, and sometimes use illusions to increase the impression of wealth. They prefer to live in tunnels and palaces carved out of Elemental Earth, but can sometimes be found living underground on the Material Plane.

Their society is divided into great craft guilds, each ruled by a pasha. Their enemies are the efreet of the Elemental Plane of Fire.[2]

Shaitan pashas

Shaitan pashas, who comprise about 1% of the shaitan population, rule their race. They can create earthquakes and grant wishes to non-genies.[2]

On Golarion

Shaitans can sometimes be found deep within the Darklands,[2] such as the Orvian Vault known as the Land of Black Blood.[5] Although they command quite a high price, shaitans (along with other genies) can be purchased in the slave markets of the Qadiran city of Sedeq.[6]