Tents of Erukh

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The Tents of Erukh is the name given to an encampment of impossible beautiful men and women that can be found within the Alavah Peninsula of Qadira. At the centre sits a truly massive tent owned by the exiled jaathoom1 wizard for which the tents are named, Erukh. Why Erukh was banished from the Elemental Plane of Air to the Material Plane he will not say, however he accepts no gifts from those looking to curry his favour, instead asking the supplicant to perform a task for him. Those few who ever manage to achieve this task are invited deeper into the Tents of Erukh where supposedly even more wonders abound.2


  1. Paizo referred to jaathooms as djinn until the publication of Rage of Elements. See Rage of Elements pg. 3 and Pathfinder Core Preview pg. 2.
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