River Ladan

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The River Ladan1 is a Qadiran tributary of the Jalrune River. It begins in a pass between the Zho Mountains east of Koor and travels west for approximately 25 miles before turning northwest. It meanders for another fifty to sixty miles before being joined by the smaller Jackal River from the west. After this it leaves the western foothills of the Zho and continues northwest for another 50 miles before joining the Jalrune east of the Taldan town of Demgazi.23


The river marks the line of farthest northern expansion of the forces of Kelesh during its initial invasion of Avistan in -43 AR.4


  1. The map of Qadira in Qadira, Jewel of the East spells the river "Landon", but this is an error according to the book's author.
  2. Distance calculations in this article are based on rough measurements from the Inner Sea Poster Map Folio, and should not be taken as definitive.
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