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Nation Qadira
Size Small town
Population 920

Source: Qadira, Gateway to the East, pg(s). 11

Khoka is a town in north-eastern Qadira on the southern banks of the Pashman River. It is the last stop within Qadira for merchants traveling eastward into the heart of the Empire of Kelesh, and the first way-station for caravans entering the satrapy. The town is full of caravans and mercenaries. A lot of bargains take place in Khoka and there are more rumors than could fill a hundred ears.[1]

Slaves who are particularly devout worshipers of good-aligned deities fetch top coin in Khoka. The slaves are taken from town to the banks of the Pashman River and never seen again. They are destined for Nar-Voth, where they are part of the plans of the archdevil Moloch.[2]


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