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The Turquoise City
Source: The Cost of Enlightenment, pg(s). 3–4

Qaharid is a major mining city in the Maharev region of Qadira.23


The city is located at the meeting of the Maharev and Meraz rivers,3 where docks facilitate the city's trade. The city is divided into wards, such as the Temple Ward which contains Qaharid's temple to Sarenrae.2

The city's architecture features shining copper minarets and spires and many colorful buildings that evoke a district of Katheer.2


Qaharid is known for its copper and turquoise mines, and for its pottery incorporating crushed gemstones in its glazes.3 Much of the city's commerce occurs on Coppersmith Lane, a market street of stalls that runs from the docks to the city's customs house. Merchants on the lane often add a surcharge of up to 20 percent to outsiders who lack a local patron's recommendation.2

The city also features a gambling hall and tavern named the Flaming Scimitar that has become popular with the city's working classes,4 and the House of Two Rivers society club for its upper classes and officials.5


Amal al-Sahba, high priestess of Sarenrae in Qaharid.

A wide array of people with various accents and languages call Qaharid home.2 As of 4717 AR, the city's ambassador to Andoran was Lorah Meriwether.6


Qaharid has a large and passionate following of Sarenrae and celebrates the deity in a citywide summer solstice Sunwrought Festival, during which the city's population nearly doubles.7 The Sarenite temple's high priestess as of 4717 AR was Amal al-Sahba.2

As of 4717 AR, it was the center of worship for the cult of the White Feather and had also drawn pilgrims of Roidira's cult8 seeking the nearby Place of Enlightenment.4