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Source: Qadira, Jewel of the East, pg(s). 38

Rikhist is a rough border town in the far east of Qadira's Maharev region. Located near the headwaters of the Meraz River and just west of the Zho Mountains that mark Qadira's border,1 Rikhist is the largest centre of Rovagug worship in all Qadira despite the best efforts of Satrap Xerbystes II and his predecessors to completely eliminate it. Like a cockroach, Rikhist has withstood all attempts to stamp it out and it is supported by both orc and cave giant tribes that dwell in the surrounding mountains. The town is home to all manner of outcasts, thieves, blasphemers, and murderers of many races, including not just humans and orcs but also numerous bugbears and kholo.2 Rikhist is ruled by an axe-wielding sadist named Magyarsh, a riftmarked cambion warpriest devoted to Rovagug.3


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